5 things you should never do with a new car

new car

The basic care of a car will always be of the utmost importance for the future of the vehicle, especially when it has just left the dealership because it is a mistake to think that being a new unit does not require certain care.

Actually, the maintenance and care towards the cars should be for as long as you have it with you. However, there are certain aspects to take into account when it is new.

5 things you should never do with your new car

1. Do not press the pedal fully

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new car

It is not a lie that the pistons need some corrosion, so they seal better, as certain imperfections are polished in this way. However, overworking the pistons can have consequences. If you accelerate more these imperfections can damage the cylinder.

2. Do not take revolutions more than 4500 turns

new car

In the same way as the acceleration, the revolutions generate a greater work of the pistons, in this way it wears out in a non-uniform way. Some manufacturers specify the recommendations in this manual for the sole purpose of giving the best performance of their vehicles.

Some recommend braking drastically at some point to speed up the process. However, this will not work; on the contrary, you will run the risk of major wear and even an accident.

3. Do not use the cruise control

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new car

One of the manufacturer’s recommendations is NOT to maintain the same speed and revolutions for a long period of time. This is due to the fact that the operating conditions must be varied, in order to perform in the best way. The cruise control does just the opposite, so during the first kilometres, you must keep this function turned off.

4. Do not put unnecessary load

new car

Keep the car free of unnecessary load such as a stack of magazines, heavy luggage kept needlessly, and so on.

5. Tow another vehicle

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new car


Obviously, towing will involve a great effort of the engine, as it adds weight and the torque will work to the maximum in order to drive you forward.

It is very important to take care of your vehicle from the damages that can cause the different climates of the year, the good appearance and presentation of the car speak a lot about the owner.

Few more tips to take care of your car:

If you still don’t know what the most important care is and that you should never ignore, here are five of them that you must learn by heart.

1- Maintain tire pressure

new car

A situation that is an obligation, the pressure maintains good traction and thus saves fuel, the engine works ideally and does not pollute more.

2- Do not fully fill the tank

new car

Although the temptation is a lot, it always leaves a small space for the expansion of gases, thereby avoiding problems and generating better combustion.

3- Perform proper maintenance

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new car

From washing your car, checking oil and other liquids to sending to the service on the dates you are touched, these are obligations that you must cover.

4- Keep it indoors

new car

Both the sun and extreme cold are enemies of your car, both for its paint and body, as in its components, so as far as possible, keep it safe.

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