How to Choosing A occasion Vehicle

Choosing A Vehicle

I have been giving you information on the car dealers, the auction, BHPH and some views on the money portion in terms of the auto industry and topics to help you have more of an understanding about it. The more knowledge you have on a topic the better you can understand how things operate. You should begin to determine what type of vehicle you want and we are going to use some questions to help us in narrowing it down to the best choice.

Will you be using it every day?

Will you be carrying children in a car seat?

How many passengers will you be carrying on a regular basis?

Do you need to carry any type of cargo (groceries or material to work on your house)?

Do you plan to go off road or have any environmental conditions that require 4×4?

When you begin to ask yourself these type of questions you start to formulate an idea of the type of vehicle you want, this is how my wife and I arrived at the choice of an Expedition with a third row seat, rear air and a few other features.

Now that you have a type of vehicle like a large size SUV or a two door sports car, convertible or a full size luxury car its time to narrow down to a manufacture or a variety to pick from.

Now let’s get down to the nitty gritty of how I choose a vehicle. The first thing I do is believe it or not I look at premium vehicles. I have found that you are better off choosing a high mile older premium car than a newer cheap car. Let me explain, the mindset and income of the person who buys a highline car generally can afford to perform regularly scheduled maintenance on the vehicle.

Most people who buy the expensive cars are professionals who are detail orientated and believe in following the scheduled maintenance plan and some even get service plans when they purchase the vehicle. They usually are very good at managing their time so they are not in a hurry speeding around and ing the car. They are also good at managing their finances. A cheap new car in the long run will usually not make a good used car. What do I consider a cheap used car? Most of the economy or lower priced starter type vehicles like a Ford Fiesta, Ford Focus, Chevy Aveo, Nissan Versa and any other of these types.

I want you to expand your thinking by looking at vehicles when they were new in the price range of 40k – 100k and more. There is a reason these vehicles cost as much as they do, they are completely engineered differently than those cheaper vehicles. I also really like the Euro cars because they are designed with high quality and standards.

A lot of them are very economical to have and provide a lot of features in them. I always hear people say but they are very expensive to service when you need something fixed and I can tell you I used to take my Saabs to the dealer for repairs and most of the time it was cheaper than an identical problem with a Ford Taurus. A Ford Taurus is commonly used as a fleet vehicle so repairs and parts should not be way over priced otherwise most places would pick a different car to reduce the cost of ownership.

So what am I really getting at here, well most if not all of the high priced vehicles are well serviced generally from a consumer standpoint, they are loaded with more and better than average options and features and they have a longer life than cheap cars. I had more demand for a Volvo with 130k miles on it than a Taurus with 50k miles on it and it seemed like the people buying them believed the car could do another 130k and still keep on going. This made me look at these types of vehicles in a different way.

Now what are the types of vehicles I am talking about a FORD, Chevy, Volvo, Cadillac, Lincoln, Mercedes, BMW, Saab, Lexus and any vehicle that fit in the 40k – 100k and over type. I know, I was just talking about FORD a minute ago and the cheap cars. Yes, but when it comes to Ford trucks like the Expedition or Pickup trucks they are great. IF any of these sounds confusing to you believe me it’s not, I can simplify it for you.

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