The Steps To Selling Cars and Making Money

The Steps To a Sale

1. Meet and Greet
2. Qualify
3.Walk Around
4.Test Drive
5. Offer Write-up & Negotiation
6. Ask for the Sale
7. Vehicle Delivery

1. Meet and Greet

If you are a new car salesman you won’t have a lot of appointments. So your best bet is to be outside on the point. When I did this I was right up there with the Big Dawgs as far as sales went. You will see a customer pull up and they will see you. There is no secret as to why you are there so don’t feel you are invading their space. Just stand back a little and let them get out comfortably and welcome them. You should welcome them like this, “Hello welcome to Blank Motors, my name is Steve Nance and yours?” Excellent! Are you just looking today?” And they will say, “Yea we are just looking.” And you will say, “Are you looking for a car, truck, van or SUV?” Once they answer you will follow up with, “Great, well we will be glad to show you around and answer any questions you may have.

Tell you what, we will just make this an information day and I will give you all the information on my vehicle, on the vehicle you’re replacing and the payments on the difference so that you have all the information you need to make the right buying decision when you are ready. Does that ound fair?”

2. Qualify

“Here at Blank Motors we have a lot of different configurations. Was there a payment range you wanted to stay under?” They might say, “I don’t want to tell you” or “I don’t know”. You can then follow up with, “So $800.00 a month is okay?” They will likely say “HELL NO!” ”Oh then maybe under $600.00?” and keep going down by $100.00 until they say yes. If you put a customer in a car that is $800.00 a month and they are on a $400.00 a month payment then you are wasting both of your time. A lot of sales people don’t find out until they are negotiating and I promise you they will not go through the whole process another two hours most of the time. ”By the way is this the vehicle you will be replacing?” They will say, ”yes”.

”Who did you finance this vehicle through if you don’t mind me asking?” If they say anything other than a well-known bank, credit union or Manufacture, slow down. You might have a bad credit deal brewing. Ask some questions once you start to get red flags. ”You know we have some great incentives for the folks who qualify. Are you around a 750-800 on your credit score?” If they say they don’t know or if they have bad credit, then suggest to them the best way to take care of them is to run a credit application. ”This will tell me what kind of car I can put you in. And I don’t want you to worry about anything; I help a lot of people in your situation get done.”

3. Walk Around

You should have everything sorted out and now you know where your customer wants to be, what kind of car they are interested in and if they will qualify. You will now get their I.D. and phone number and put them in the system. It is important that you get both so you can do a proper follow up. You will bring the car up and open the hood and discuss safety, the trunk and discuss roominess and the last thing will be the passenger door. Ask them to have a seat and show them the interior of the vehicle. Put it in drive a pull off the lot. I like to pull off my lot because I do it every day. Some folks shouldn’t be driving anymore and I had too many close calls. If you skip this step or pitch keys to a customer, you will lose gross and may cause you dealer insurance trouble. This is when you are selling and when they feel like “Yea this car is me”. Don’t lose the sale due to laziness.

4. Test Drive

Like I was saying before, the walk around and the test drive are the two most important parts. You cannot shortcut the process or you will certainly lose. The test drive will sell the customer. This is where the vehicle will talk to the customer. This is where the customer realizes that car that they have been driving for three years now is very uncomfortable, noisy, the a/c is not as cold as it used to be and it has a bad smell compared to this new car.

This is where you ask questions:

1. How is your visibility?
2. See how smooth the steering is?
3. Does this feel like the car you wanted to buy?
4. Would you like to add anything to your car after you sign up?
5. Did you want to add tint?
6. Do you want to add leather?
7. Are you comfortable?

Remember this is when you are selling and up selling.

5. Offer writeup & negotiation (close)

when you get back from the test drive, just assume the sale. Maybe ask them one last time if this would be the car they were hoping buy if they were ready today. When they say yes turn around and walk to your desk, they will follow you. Then I asked them if they want a real number or ball park. If they are serious they say, “No the real deal”. I pull out the credit application, run credit and do the trade appraisal.

Okay you have finished appraising the trade in and completing the payoff. Now you can present the numbers and start the negotiating process. It is better to come out full throttle (full sticker) because if you come out with a discount they are going to want more. You are holding on the trade so you should have the room needed to work a deal and still make some money. Make sure you get a commitment even if it sounds ridiculous. It’s better for you to take the ridiculous offer and then bump the customer up before going to the desk. “I can’t take $2000.00 off but what if i could take off $200.00?” Your offer may or may not be ridiculous but look at his. Bring them back to reality. You are telling him/her that you’re just as serious. When you reached an agreement take it to the desk. If it is reasonable you are done. GOOD JOB!!!

6. Ask for the sale

If it is not going so well don’t be scared to ask for the sale. Ask the following questions:

1. Did I do okay for you?
2. That is the right car right?

Well it can either be time or money and I know we are almost through so it can’t be time.

Look I worked really hard for you today and I want to earn your business. I do have to make a profit and I am offering a fair deal. I don’t plan on going anywhere and you will always be able to contact me when you need someone. If I didn’t make a profit I would not be here very long.

Please sign here and let me earn your business.

7. Vehicle Delivery

Deliver the keys and books. Go over service and survey information and show your customer the service area. Explain why it’s best to bring it back to the dealer for service. That is the dealerships main source of income. We have to keep them happy and coming back. Plus that means more sales for you in the future.

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