Washing your car: practical tips for caring for it

Washing your car

Proper care preserves the value of the car. However, some tips are not very helpful – on the contrary. Where can you wash the car? And what is the best way to do this?

Can I wash the car wherever I want?


Washing your car


Washing the car yourself with chemical cleaning agents pollutes the environment and is therefore often prohibited – even on your own property.

Do not wash the car on unpaved ground, i.e., on lawns or gravel floors. The risk that harmful substances get into the groundwater through cleaning with water is too great.

There are different regulations in the cities for car care on the solid ground, such as asphalt or stone. In some places, for example, washing is prohibited on public roads and also on private property. Inquire with your municipality about the applicable rules.

Is hand washing always better than a car wash?

Washing your car

Whether hand washing is better than cleaning in the car wash or the other way around is controversial.

In the car wash:

Washing your car

You save time and effort, and a simple foam wash is definitely recommended. In return, nano sealings in the car wash are less useful. These only last a very short time, which is why polishing by hand makes more sense, says vehicle experts.

Car care by hand:

Washing your car

Particular care is required when using a high-pressure cleaner. Do not point the pressure washer directly at the rubber of the car tires. Otherwise, the rubber can be damaged by strong pressure and hot water. Further care tips can be found below.


Washing your car

In both cases, make sure that coarse dirt is rinsed off with water beforehand. An employee should either perform a pre-wash in the car wash or select an additional pre-wash program. This will avoid leaving fine scratches from small dirt particles when cleaning with the sponge.

Instructions: step by step to a clean car


Washing your car

First, remove coarse dirt and grime, for example, leaves. You can remove sand, salt and other dirt with a high-pressure cleaner. To avoid damaging any parts of the car, keep a distance of at least 30 centimeters.

Then wash the car with a soft sponge, water and car shampoo and rub dry with a microfiber cloth or chamois leather.
You always remove dirt from birds, insects, and resin as quickly as possible – and not just with the big wash. Otherwise, it will attack the paint.


Washing your car

Proceed in the same way here. In addition, you can also use rim cleaner – and only as stated by the manufacturer.

Moldings and door rubbers:

Washing your car

A plastic care product returns plastic parts to their original color. Special care pens keep door rubbers supple.


Washing your car

You clean them just like at home – with a window cleaner and a clean sponge or microfiber cloth. A detergent can soften stubborn dirt.

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Washing your car

First, take out all the mats and carpets and knock them out. Then vacuum the interior. You can clean the fabric covers with upholstery foam. A wet vacuum cleaner removes deep-seated dirt. Warm water and clean cloth should suffice for the fittings. If not, add a little washing-up liquid to the water. You can then apply plastic care products sparingly.