Here’s How You Can Prepare Your Car For Winter

Why you should heat your car before starting a tour during winters


car before starting a tour during winters

This winter season hits many areas of the world with great intensity. If you live in one of these areas, your car is at risk.

Temperatures go down, and the cold start is something that your car doesn’t enjoy.

Your car must be prepared to survive prolonged periods under cold temperatures. This applies to both new and old cars that are several years used. That is why today I give you some tips to start the car cold with a clear objective: that your vehicle suffers as little as possible

Here are reasons why you should heat your car before taking a trip:

#1 How long should I heat my car?

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car before starting a tour during winters

Although the new cars are more sophisticated and start without a problem during the winter, it is good to prevent any failure or unnecessary damage by heating it between two to five minutes before starting your trip. For cars with more years, you must do it for five – 10 minutes. Only then will you protect and put all its elements (liquids, fuel, cables and hoses) at the right temperature.

#2 Temperature of engine oil

car before starting a tour during winters


Engine oil tends to become more viscous with cold. This degrades its lubrication properties in all parts that need it. The engine must operate with oil at the correct temperature. If the car warms up a few minutes before starting, the oil will reach its ideal temperature, minimizing the damage of the engine and its parts.

#3 Damage of pistons

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car before starting a tour during winters

If you drive your car this winter without having previously heated it, remember the excessive loss on the pistons and all other parts that are not being properly lubricated. If the engine has a turbocharger, it will become another victim of extreme damage. Be aware of the effort of the engine in your car, in the long term (and in some cases in the short time) it will save you money on expensive repairs.

#4 Hoses and connectors


car before starting a tour during winters

The cold makes the hoses and connectors made of plastic or rubber brittle. It is vital to give them time to reach adequate temperature before starting the march.

#5 Aggressive acceleration

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car before starting a tour during winters


In case you cannot or want to heat the car, consider avoiding aggressive acceleration or climbing slopes. This will be subject to higher workloads.

#6 Let warm

car before starting a tour during winters


Waiting for a few minutes for your vehicle to warm up will allow the heating system to defrost the windshield so that you will have ample visibility and it will not be necessary to scrape the glass on the outside.

#7 Safe Trip

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car before starting a tour during winters

An engine that runs at the right temperature will contaminate less than a cold propeller. Give yourself a little more time to leave and consider these additional minutes that could delay your trip, but they will certainly make it safer.

However, for the driver, it is best to get warm before driving so that the cold does not give us up when driving.

With the cold, the car becomes a much more sensitive instrument. You must treat it with love, respect the heating process of the mechanics.

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